Clean With Me: Kitchen/Living Room

Hi everyone, I hope you are well? So I am back with another cleaning routine for you and this time I am going to show you how I give my kitchen and living room a daily clean.

As my kitchen/ living is open plan I tend to clean the both of them together. Lets talk about the living room first.

Living Room
So my first job is to put all of the toys away and this alone makes a huge difference to the room, then I like to fluff the pillows and put them back in their rightful place. Once I’m happy with how the room looks I will then vacuum the floors and rug.

I absolutely love my kitchen but unfortunately at times it becomes a bit of a dumping ground, so the first thing I do is declutter the breakfast bar and move anything that doesn’t belong there. I then grab my Dettol All In One Purpose cleaner and a V cloth and wipe clean the work area, once I have done this I go over the stainless steal area with stainless steal wipes, this just takes away all of the streaks left from the Dettol spray. I then  give the floors a good clean with a fabric mop, vacuum and steam mop.

I have posted my video here for you to watch. Enjoy!



Thank you for reading.

Love Rachel Xx


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