Australia Update: 6 Months In

Hi everyone.We are now 6 months into our 3-5 year stay here in Australia, so I felt that maybe it was time for an update.

Ok so it is definitely different and it has taken some getting used to but I absolutely love it here, its so laid back and relaxing and my family have just settled so well.

The Biggest Changes
So since arriving the biggest change for me was getting the girls settled in their new school, Faith was already in year 2 in the UK then had to start the school term all over again. I think the one thing we struggled the most with was the fact that the girls don’t get homework however they are outside a lot and seem to learn more life skills which is fantastic. With Evelyn she started Kindergarten and seems to have settled in so well, again the learning side seems a lot slower but the girls are happy and thats all that matters

Another change for us has to be the food, so its all the same brands but tastes so different. I think we have adapted more to it now that we have been here a while however I still prefer to eat out he he.

Wow the lifestyle is great out here especially if you have children, we spend most of our time at the park or at the beach . Australia seems to be a rather sporty culture which is great as it keeps the kids so active and healthy, after school activities keep them busy too.

We live a beautiful little neighbourhood where we know everyone and all the kids play together. Moving to Australia has been great for our little family, just spending so much time together and relying on each other in a way we have never done before because we have no one else its just us.

Over all life is great here and we are just enjoying being in a beautiful country spending quality time together.

Thank you for reading.

Love Rachel x


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