Lifestyle: A Day In The Life Of

Hi everyone. Today I thought I would show you what me and my little one get up to on a ”non” Kind day. Not everyday is the same but we have had quite a lot of fun today so I thought it would be nice to share.

So the first thing we did this morning was change all the bedding in the house, I normally like to do this on weekend but we had the morning free so it made sense to do it. We then just had a general tidy of the house.

We then scootered down to the local coffee shop and had a nice piece of cake and a hot chocolate. From there we then went to the park for which we played for a good hour or so.

After we got home we decided we wanted Mc Donald’s for lunch so we took a quick trip out and grabbed some food, after we returned home we spent the afternoon painting, which was a real treat for Evelyn as I hate them having paint and playdoh in the house for pure mess reasons.

3.00- onwards
So after painting it was time for school pick up. Now that both girls are home they are happily playing with their toys however they have just decided they want to go to the park and have pizza (sounds like a plan to me)


Thank you for reading.

Love Rachel Xx


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