Recipe: Crock Pot Curry

Hi everyone,  So I have just finished making tonights Dinner and it was super easy to make, I made it using just 4 items of food so I thought I would share the recipe with you.

So I am a big fan of the crock pot, I love just chucking all my food into one pot and leaving it for the day.

So for my Easy Curry all you need is:

Jar of curry sauce (I use Tikka Masala)
Tin of chopped plum tomatoes
Fresh Coriander (optional)

So the first step is to to fry the chicken until it is sealed, then just pour everything into the crock pot and leave for the day. I leave mine to cook for about 8 hours and then you end up with a delicious tasting curry.

Tip: add half a cup of water to the mix as the curry will thicken up throughout the day.


I served mine with nan bread and popadoms.

Thank you for reading.

Love Rachel Xx


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