Interview: Two Kids Raising Kids

Hello everyone,

Wow it is only Tuesday and already my week is going blooming fantastic. So I was lucky enough to interview the oh so lovely Teagan from ”Two Kids Raising Kids” and she was kind enough to answer some questions for me.

Teagan’s blog Twokidsraisingkids is all about bringing women together, to a place where they feel safe enough to talk about whats on their mind. Below is our interview, I hope you enjoy it.

1,Can you tell my readers a little about you and your blog?

Hey! I’m Teagan, a 24 year old mother of two crazy red heads! I’m a walking contradiction, a bit of a modern hippie, and I believe that life is all about balance! My partner and I love to have fun, and try not to take our parenting too seriously – hence the name of my blog, Two Kids Raising Kids! My blog has been my space to connect with other women by sharing our parenting journey. Some of my posts have been light hearted and are there for a laugh, whilst others are a lot more personal and closer to my heart. I’ve shared about my struggles with postnatal depression and breastfeeding, two topics which I am very passionate about removing the stigma on. I don’t believe that women should feel alone in motherhood, so I hope to have a space on the internet where they can come to feel accepted and less overwhelmed.

2, You are very passionate about living a clean, healthy lifestyle. Can you tell us where that passion comes from?

This has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager! I’ll be very honest here, I actually have a MASSIVE sweet tooth, and I’ve been known to devour an entire Coles mud cake in one sitting! My health journey has gone through many different seasons over the years. As an early teen I was blessed with a fast metabolism and was naturally very thin, so I took advantage of that and ate whatever I wanted! A lot of wholesome food went in to my body, but so did a lot of junk too. I was massively into sports in school, so I was always active and loved to exercise. All of a sudden I hit 19, changed the contraceptive pill I was on, and put on 10kg in ONE MONTH! It was a huge change, and prompted me to really start looking in to my health and wellbeing. My focus then was to lose weight and look good. But then straight after I had Charlie, I lost 13kg in ONE WEEK! Again, a crazy weight fluctuation and my health focus changed once more. I’m now more interested in how I feel, rather than how I look. My mental health is very important to me, so I do a lot to support that. Hopefully when life settles down a little bit I’ll be able to change my focus to putting on some healthy weight and getting physically stronger, but for now – the kids keep me pretty active!

In the last couple years, my knowledge about health has expanded so much! I’m constantly learning and trying new things. Nick thinks I’m a bit of a hippie because I do a few strange things, like standing on aluminium foil while I brush my teeth and drinking clay every night! All in the name of health, right?!

3, I see you are a big fan of ‘’To Do’’ lists. What is the one thing that is always on your list to do?

I LOVE a To-Do list! I’m constantly writing them – every year, every season, every night! I struggle with anxiety, so it helps to ease my mind when I set my intentions for the next day and I know what I need to accomplish. In terms as what is always on my list – generally some type of household chore (clothes washing, floor mopping), a blogging task that I need to get done, and then most days we have a play date ‘To-Do’ as well 🙂

4, You have spoke out before on your blog and social media about the struggles of being a parent. How important is it for us parents to speak out and make these issues known?

I cannot stress enough that it is CRUCIAL for parents to speak up about the issues we face. From sleep deprivation, to breastfeeding, postnatal depression, anxiety, isolation, mothers guilt and everything else that we are dealing with on a day to day basis, it is so important to share the load and talk about it! In some instances, this can literally be the difference between life and death. Every mother (and father) need people who they can talk to, whether that is a family member, a friend, a health expert or even an Instagram friend! I’ve found that since I began blogging I’ve had a lot of women come to me to share some of their darkest times and most intimate thoughts. It is such an honour and so humbling to me that there are people who trust me enough to share these moments with me, and I only hope that I can put a little light in to their days.

5, Your Children are absolutely adorable. Do they like to spend a lot of time outdoors or would they much rather stay inside and play?

Oh thank you so much, I think that they’re pretty damn cute myself!

My answer to this question totally depends on the weather! I’m lucky in the sense that they’re both quite content to do either. As it’s winter in Perth at the moment, we’ve been spending more time inside. We have recently changed our spare room in to a play room, and it has been a lifesaver! The kids are happy to spend all day in there with their toys, and all of the mess is confined to one room which keeps my OCD tendencies at bay! Too much time at home, however, will send us bonkers! So I generally stick to spending one or two days a week at home in our pjs, and the rest of the week we’re out running errands, catching up at friends houses or out at a park. It’s all about balance in this household.

6, As you are a huge fan of clean eating, I just wondered what you favourite meal to cook for the family is?

Since the arrival of Cooper, I’ve not had as much time to spend on family meals as I would like. I used to cook a lot of recipes from Jamie Oliver’s ‘Every Day Superfoods’, in particular the Asian Crispy Beef was a winner! Lately though, we’ve been big fans of roast veggies – I just throw a whole heap of veggies into a dish with some coconut oil and Herbamare and leave them to roast in the oven. I’ll usually pair that with some type of protein, and since we’ve been trying to cut down on meat we’ve been loving the Quorn garlic and herb fillets which are super easy to heat up. I’m finding this method of cooking is much more convenient for us at the moment, as I’m able to throw together whatever veggies we have on hand, which means less waste too!

7, When people come and visit your blog, what type of subjects are you most likely to be talking about?

Everything and anything! Parenting, relationships, health, wellbeing and lifestyle. In the past I’ve blogged about my labour stories, mine and Nick’s love story, my journey with postnatal depression and D-MER, I’ve shared photo galleries of my baby shower and our maternity shoot, my breast augmentation experience, my thoughts on Instagram and ‘Mummy bloggers’ and a few guest posts as well. My mission is to help women feel less alone, so I hope that I’m sharing stories that they can relate to. I’m actually currently in the process of re-branding the blog and moving in a more specific direction, so watch this space!

8, whats your favourite social media to use?

Definitely Instagram. In fact, I rarely use anything else now. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Instagram, as the algorithm is making it difficult for businesses to get organic growth on their pages at the moment. But I have made so many beautiful friendships through Instagram and at the end of the day thats what I use it for, the connections that I am able to make in those little squares 🙂

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Thank you for reading

Rachel Xx


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