Monthly Favourites: June

Hi everyone. What a funny month June has been, it has been busy, fun, cold and a month where I have tried a lot of new products. So today I thought I would share with my ” Monthly Favourites”


flowers& plants

  1. Heated Wheat Bag- I have been wanting one of these for a while as I suffer with back pain and these heated bags really help relax my muscles. This one is from Kmart , how cute is the Koala print.
  2. Aveeno Moisturiser– As you all know I have the worst skin ever, I bought Aveeno just to try it as my skin was becoming itchy and its really helped.
  3. Chewy Bars– These are my Guilty mid morning pleasure. I love making a coffee and having one (or two) of these. Yum!
  4. Canon G7X ll– So i am really trying to take my blogging seriously tis year and in order to do that I felt the need to invest in a descent camera. After looking online at reviews, the canon was the best one and I love it. This one was from The Good Guys
  5. Pink Dressing GownThe one item I really didn’t expect to be buying in Australia is a dressing gown but I absolutely love getting my pajamas on at night and getting wrapped up in this pink fluffy beauty. This one was from Kmart
  6. Head & Shoulders Shampoo and conditioner– I know that everyone always associates Head & Shoulders with dandruff and yes it used to be but I started to use it after I heard its really good for your scalp and gives it a really good wash. This is the only conditioner that I have ever put on my roots and it hasn’t left it greasy. I picked this up at Coles


Thank you for Reading.

Rachel Xx



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