Infamous – Adult Circus Cabaret

Hi everyone. Wow what an amazing night I had last night.

So, My husband and myself was invited to the opening night of Infamous here in Perth,  An 18+ event that really we did not know what to expect – what is an Adult Circus after all – Put simply its some very talented individuals combining acrobatics, singing, dancing and comedy – whilst wearing very little and encouraging the audience to drink and have a dam good time all under the circus tent.

The show is running for a limited time here in Perth and I highly encourage seeing it before the Infamous team move on – For a Girls night out there is some ripped guys putting other men to shame and for a night out with the guys there are some very beautiful ladies with some suggestive dance moves.

As a couple we found the whole show catered for everyone – The danger and excitement of the Circus type performance, the sexy dancing and adult humour made for a a very unique evening of entertainment.

Below are a just a few of the pictures I took, to tempt everyone to go see the Infamous team. For Dates and show times please  click here


Thank you you Aligator media for the invitation and letting me experience this great event.

Love Rachel Xx


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