How To: Get Event Ready

Hi everyone. I had so much fun on Saturday night, but even more than that I loved getting dressed up and ready for the event. So today I thought I would show you how I get Event Ready.


So  my first step is to remove my makeup that I have had on all day, I do this by using Simple facial wipes. I then apply concealer to brighten my eyes are hide spots.

I then apply my Clinique Super Balanced foundation. I apply this using a stippling brush.

I then use a powder foundation over the top of my liquid foundation. I use it as setting powder.

Then I add contour, blush and highlighter, I use a palette that has all 3 of these together. For the highlighter I use a powder highlighter first then add my Clinique chubby highlighter over the top for a more glowy effect.

 For the eyes I use the Benefit They are real mascara

I then apply a lip balm to my lips whilst I get dressed then once I am ready I apply my lipgloss over the top of my balm.


Gone are the days when you have freshly washed hair for an event, now its all about the day old hair. I just love having day old hair as it has body and texture. So I just brush my hair, apply dry shampoo and give it a good straighten.


So I spoke to the lady running the event to see what kind of theme it was, as when you think charity ball you think black tie. So the theme was cocktail party so luckily I had a nice black dress to wear. I paired this dress with some open toed black heels.

Thank you for reading

Rachel Xx


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