Colosoul Charity Ball Event

Hi everyone. So on Saturday I got to live out one of my blogging dreams by getting on the media list to cover an event. The event was for The Colosoul Magazine Charity Ball Event  held at the Forrest Centre on St Georges Terrance in Perth City Centre. The venue was set in an open plan courtyard area supported by Rigby’s, on arrival we was greeted by members of the Colosoul team who introduced themselves to us and handed us a goodie bag. As we then  made our way through to the courtyard we got to witness an Artist who was actually creating a piece of art live right in front of us, with the intent for this piece to be auctioned live at the end of the evening. We then took a walk around all the other pieces of art on display by the young and talented designers. We then seated ourselves in the beautifully decorated courtyard and enjoyed a fun filled night, with music, dance, art and some amazing prizes to be won in a silent auction.

The Colosoul Group is a Non profit organisation that is  run entirely by volunteers. Founded in 2005 by CEO Tricia Ray. Colosoul was Tricia’s response to what she saw was a growing need for hands-on youth participation within the media and arts industry, and as a vehicle to run hands on mentorship programs. Colosoul since then has become an exciting team of over 100 youths involved continuously throughout each year, and has supported thousands of youths over the past 10 years to refine their creative skills and gain further employment.

Australia’s newest Independent Youth Magazine // Colosoul is designed for young people who are given the opportunity to excel in the media and arts by producing a professional and vibrant magazine. Colosoul is creating momentum in the media and arts industry with its fresh style and myriad of innovative ideas. (extract from

It was so nice to witness all of the hard work that these young dedicated volunteers had put into the evening, everything from the live music to the entertainment. It was so touching to see how Passionate Tricia was about this amazing organisation and how proud she was of her team of volunteers. Please enjoy looking at the pictures of what was a great evening.


IMG_1445IMG_1420IMG_1430IMG_1431IMG_1433IMG_1435IMG_1436IMG_1446IMG_1438IMG_1442IMG_1441FullSizeRender 6


The gorgeous lady in the red dress stood on the right is the lovely Tricia Ray, the founder of Colosoul.

Here are some links to the amazing opportunities and how you can learn more.

The Basement Gallery. Email

Colosoul Cafe


Thank you for Reading

Rachel Xx





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