My Birthday Wish List (30th)

Hi everyone. I really can not believe that I will be 30 years old in just two months time. So as my birthday is approaching fast, I thought today I would share with you what is on my 30th Birthday Wish List. I know i will not be getting all of these gifts but I have had so much fun looking and dreaming.


ok so lets start from top Left. Enjoy! (All links are clickable)

  1. Olympus Pen F  I absolutely fell in love with this camera when I saw blogger Lydia Elise Millen using it on her blog/vlog and I was amazed at all the settings it has.
  2. OPI Nail Polish  So I wish I had more time to paint my nails, as its something I really enjoy doing. I love the OPI Colour collection.
  3. GHD Curling Tong  My curling iron broke just before we moved to Australia and I haven’t replaced it yet as I figured it would be the perfect Birthday gift.
  4. ASOS Flats I am lacking a new pair of flat shoes. I feel flats just complement jeans so well and are light weight on the feet.
  5. Clinique Chubby sticks I am yet to try these, they look so hydrating for the lips and the colours are just perfect.
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette I have seen this palette used a lot on youtube tutorials and I feel I must try it as I love a good highlighter.
  7. Pandora earrings I am in desperate need of some earrings, to the point where I think my ears are about to heal if I don’t get some. good enough reason right?
  8. Nude By Nature Makeup  I have the worst skin ever, I really try to use light weight products that are not harsh on the face. This is perfect for that as it is 100% chemical free.
  9. Happiness Planner Ok so I will cry if nobody gets me this for my birthday as I dropped so many hints about this and they now have a shop in Australia. So there are no excuses really!
  10. H&M Tote Bag Lets face it who doesn’t need new bag. This one is great as it nice a wide so I can chuck mine and the girls stuff in.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Birthday wish list. Now lets just hope I get them 🙂

Rachel Xx


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