A Day In Pictures (Mothers Day)

Hi everyone I hope you are well? So I have just celebrated my first Mothers Day here in Australia, and it was so nice to just spend the day together as a family.

So when Daniel asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day I really didn’t know, so as I am lacking a few new items of clothing I decided that instead of a gift I would just like to go shopping. So we took the train into the city and I had a lovely time going around all the shops. A lot of the shops are still new to me so it was really enjoyable going around and getting used to the different clothing, although H&M has just opened here so that was definitely my first stop. So I didn’t get too much, just a few things to top up my wardrobe. We then went for lunch, unfortunately we hadn’t pre booked anywhere as we didnt know we was going to end up in the city, so we ended up eating at place called The East Village and to be honest it was pretty rubbish and we didn’t really enjoy the food although the atmosphere was nice. After lunch we looked around a few more shops and then got the train home. Like I said it was so nice to spend the day with my little family, and it was really relaxed and the girls was so well behaved and Dan enjoyed it as he didnt have to worry about getting me the wrong gift lol.

I love seeing the smiles on my girls faces and spending time with my loved ones. I really enjoyed the day and getting to know Australia a little better.

I will be doing a Try On Haul for the bits I picked up yesterday so make sure you look out for that.

Thank you for reading.

Rachel Xx


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