Mums who scoot

Hi everyone I hope you are well? At the moment I don’t own a drivers licence and there are a few reasons for this, but I am wanting to get more active and involved with the kids school run and with a husband who is not always able to take them I needed another solution. We live about a 5- 10 minute walk from school and in the heat of the day, two children and two bags can be quite a challenge. After looking at other ways for me to get around we decided a scooter was a good option. At first I thought it was the funniest thing ever, but after doing some research I realised how many mums out there use scooters to get about and I just knew this was a good option for me.

So this is my Scooter its a Micro Dot Monster Kickboard. It has nice chunky wheels and I find it very easy to operate.


I can see this coming in very handy over the next couple of months with my hubby out and about with work a lot. Like I say I will be using for the school runs but I will also be using it for nipping to shops as its just so convenient. My girls loving riding their scooters and we have had so much fun so far riding to the park and the coffee shop on our scooters. I hope to continue riding to school from now on, even on the days my hubby is able to help out as I feel its is a good way of staying active.

Thanks for reading

Rachel Xx




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