Living Area: Before And After


Hi everyone I hope you are well? When we moved to Australia we didn’t bring much furniture with us, in fact it was mainly clothes and toys. We have been taking our time to decorate the house as this was a fresh start for us, so a chance to buy new furniture and decorate the house to our taste. It has taken some time to get to where we are now and we are still not fully finished but I wanted to take the time today to show you our living room.


IMG_0494IMG_0194 2


img_2997IMG_3091 2

When I was in the UK thinking about how I wanted to style my living room, I turned to Pinterest and fell in love with gold and white tones. I knew I wanted a grey sofa as you can pretty much pair it up with anything, so I chose the L shaped sofa as I could see it would fit the space perfectly and would also section the room off from the kitchen. I didn’t really want a rug for the living room but I saw this rug in Ikea and just fell in love with it  as it adds dimension. When we bought the tv cabinet and got home we realised we had picked up the wrong colour doors, we had picked up black and when we put them on I tried to live with it but they just did nothing for the living room so I had to go back and swap them for the white ones. I love my freestanding lamp, its perfect for our room and compliments it so well. I am hoping to pick up some more art to fill the space above the tv but for now I am just loving this ” Hello Lovely” calligraphy art as it has that gold and white tone that I love.


Shop the look

0343358_PE535938_S3                          0278691_PE418342_S3             0467678_PE610967_S3


Thank you for taking the time to read.


Rachel xx


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