Sisterly Love


Hi everyone, I hope you are well? We are just coming up to the end of the Easter Holidays and I must admit I found the holidays hard, and I think its because we haven’t been able to pass the kids off to other family members for a break like we would if we was in the UK . So the girls have had play dates and we have kept them busy, but when they have been in house they have spent a lot of time together. I must say they have got on so well together and it has been so lovely to just listen to them laughing and playing. I have noticed that when they are playing together I hear my youngest asking if she can join in with whatever it is my eldest is playing, then before you know it there are completely lost in their own little imaginations and I just sit there in awe just watching them and its just beautiful.

I wanted to show you some of the lovely pictures we have taken of the girls over the past two weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

IMG_2666 3IMG_2778IMG_2766IMG_2782IMG_2785IMG_2802IMG_2803IMG_2509 2IMG_2187IMG_2520 2IMG_2950IMG_2600 3IMG_2965IMG_2946IMG_2561 2IMG_2592 2

I hope the girls continue to stay close when they return back to school and back with their friends.

Thank you for reading

Rachel Xx


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