My Week In Pictures (Easter Holidays week 1)

Hello everyone. So we have just experienced our first school holidays here in Australia and what a great first holiday we have had. So week one of the Easter Holidays has just ended and I thought I would show you what we got up to.

Monday- On Monday we visited a place called Scitech Planitarium, this place was fantastic  as it was all about science and the way the world works. As soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by life-size activities and experiments for you to engage in. We then went to watch a science show in the theatre where a scientist talked to us about fire and fiberoptic lighting. This is a great place to visit with the kids in the holidays.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we went into the city as I had seen a huge play ground for the kids to play in. We drove into the city and walked to Elizabeth Quay, were we had hoped to go to the splash park but I had completely forgot that the only day it doesn’t run was Tuesday. We then took a nice steady walk over the bridge where the view is just amazing. At the other side of the bridge is a sandpit area and wooden climbing frame for the kids to play on, but we didn’t stay too long as it was rather busy and not much for Evelyn to play on. We also took the girls for their weekly swimming lessons that evening too.

Wednesday- So on Wednesday we decided to have an easy day, it was nice to catch up on some cleaning and jobs in the house. We took a trip to Ikea and bought some little bits for the house like storage and succulents. Later on in the afternoon we took the girls out for a bike ride to our local park.


Thursday- On Thursday we went to Shoalwater island Marine Park in Rockingham, This place is great for a day out. When we arrived we paid to go on a penguin and seal lion cruise, you then make your way to get on a ferry that ferries you across to penguin island which is a beautiful island for you to walk around and explore. we had a little walk down to the beach and went to visit the penguins while we waited for our cruise to start.  You can get the ferry back at anytime so once our cruise had finished we jumped back on the ferry home.

Friday- Friday we went to Jindee and wow what a great place, this is an up and coming area with lots of new builds, parks and shops. We visited a park there that was just lovely   and we even took a picnic to eat that the girls enjoyed. Just as we was about to leave we saw a sign saying that there was a new beach so of course we had to check it out, this beach was at the end of a housing estate and it was just perfect as it was so quiet as I don’t think many people know its there. Later on that night we went to Hillary’s boat harbour to California Pizza Kitchen for pizza, We all enjoyed the food so much and will definitely be going back.

Saturday- On Saturday we went to South Perth to a park that was called the Volcano Park and the girls really seemed to enjoy it. There was a statute Volcano that you can run around and water fountains. We then travelled to Subacio to Basket Robins for some Ice Cream. When we got home the girls made some Easter Cupcakes that were very nice.

Sunday- Happy Easter! So Sunday was one of the best Easters I have ever had. The girls woke up to an Easter egg hunt and we then went for a nice long walk on the beach. We really didn’t have much planned for today so when we got back from the beach the girls wanted to go to the park so we walked down to the park and Faith ended up bumping into a school friend so they had a nice play in the park together. Later on in the after noon we went down to South of the river, this is honestly one of my most favourite places in Perth as the view is just amazing.

This week has just been so much fun, having Daniel at home for the week and just getting to explore some amazing places has just been great.

Thank you for reading



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