Evelyn-Roses 4th Birthday

Hello everyone i hope you are well? Oh my goodness i can not believe that my little girl is 4 years old, seriously where does the time go? So believe it or not my little girl has never had a birthday party, as she was born at a time where there was no other children born in the family, so she was kind of on her own. I promised her that she could have a party this year and she was so excited to have it in Australia and that’s just what we did.

We held a her birthday party on the Sunday before her actual birthday and we held it at home which is something we have never done before mainly because of the lack of space and weather, so it was just nice to open up the patio doors and let the kids run free.

Party Games
My husband put a lot of thought in to the party games, so we had 2 rounds of pass the parcel, musical statues and we even had limbo that my husband built himself just for the party. I absolutely love party games and I get just as excited as the kids to play them. We held the party from 10am til 1pm and we spread the games out over the course of the party, which was nice as it was so hot that day it gave the children chance to keep coming inside for a cool down.

We ordered Evelyn’s Birthday cake from a shop in Australia called Miss Maud. This cake was absolutely beautiful, it was perfect and the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

One of my favourite parts about hosting a party has to be the little things such as decorations, party bags and party food. I had so much fun going around all the shops that are new to me and picking items to decorate the house. I bought all the house and party bag decorations from Big W Australia.

Thank you for reading

Rachel Xx


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