After School Trips To The Beach

Hi everyone I hope you are well? I have probably mentioned the weather quite a lot since we have arrived in Australia, but we just love it,  The bright nights and the warm weather nothing beats it.  We now seem to have got in to the habit of visiting the beach on an evening after school. At the moment we have just been visiting the two local beaches to us which is Scarborough and Trigg beach.

We like to arrive at about 5.30pm so its at a nice warm temperature but not too hot for the kids. I usually take the girls in their swim suits and rashers as they like to have a little splash in the sea but they mainly like to collect sea shells and build sand castles. We stay until sunset as it’s just so beautiful to watch and it happens at around 7ish so not too late for the kids to stay up and watch. At this time of night the beach is nice and quiet so we let the kids just run around and burn off as much energy as possible. We just love our new routine.

What is your after school routine?

Thank you for reading


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