iPad Apps: Mum Approved

Hi everyone. When we bought the girls their IPads at Christmas  I wanted to make sure they had apps on there that was not only free but beneficial and educational. We do enjoy fun ones too. I thought I would share with you my favourite apps the girls have on their iPads at the moment.

Faith ( 7Yrs +)
So my eldest daughter really enjoys her IPad she could spend hours on it if we let her, but she really enjoys games that test her ability and that are challenging.

LEGO Music Maker
So this is exactly as it says, it gives you a choice of instruments and you get to put them in order of how you want to hear them, you can record a song to place over the top of the instruments as well. My daughter loves singing so she loves this plus its Lego friends her fav.

Hangman has been around for a long long time and this app is just the same as the hand drawn game. I really enjoy this game as you can play it against the computer or you can play in 2 player mode, we like this as we sit and write words for each other to guess.

Six (Gram Games)
Faith loves this game so much. This game reminds me so much of Jenga, the aim of the game is to keep the object on the tower and not let it fall off by removing the pieces of the tower below it. My daughter likes this because She likes the challenge that it gives.

Tap Tap Dash
This game is all about keeping the ball from falling off of the edge of the track. You have to guide the ball tilting the iPad and using your fingers. Again this is another challenging game.

Girly room decoration
This is just a fun game for my daughter to play. She likes this game as she loves being creative and using her imagination, she likes to play this for fun and can spend a lot of time decorating and making it look pretty.

Evelyn 3+years
Evelyn is still quite young and hardly ever goes on the iPad but when she does she enjoys playing dress up and cooking games.

So Evelyn loves this game as its great for hand eye coordination, you have to really think about what it is asking you. So in this game you have a series of challenges  to complete like looking at what items should go in the recycling bin and putting  fruit in size order.

Dr Panda
The Dr Panda apps are great, out of all the apps on Evelyn’s iPad these would probably be the ones she plays with the most. Some of the Dr Panda apps are free and some you do have to buy, here are Evelyn’s top favourite 2

  1. Asia Restaurant– This app is all about cooking and my little girl just loves helping out around the kitchen so this app is great for her. So in the app you start off with a customer that tells you what meal they would like to eat and you pick out the fruit and veg and have to cook the meal, then serve it.
  2. Handy Man – We all really enjoy this game, it’s very simple yet can keep you entertained for a long time. On this game there is a house with several rooms in it and in each room there is a broken piece of furniture that you have to fix and re paint. My daughter enjoys this as she enjoys painting.

Minnie Mouse Makeover
We are huge Disney fans in this house so I could not say no to my little girl when she asked for this game, this game is all about decorating houses, from painting to interior design. This game is one that we will not out grow for a long time.

Thanks for reading

Rachel Xx


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