Inside Evelyn’s Bedroom

Hi everyone I hope you are well. I feel like we are making huge process in the house, we have bought all the big things we needed and now all we need are really just the finishing touches.

I am really happy with how the girls bedrooms look at the moment they are very minamalistic and don’t have any toys in their rooms, but that is because they have a play area so we use that space for their toys.

Before we moved we set up a Pinterest board for the girls so they could really think about how they they wanted their rooms to look like and have a clear idea.

So here are some pictures of my little princesses room. I will be showing you Faiths, she just isn’t quite happy with hers yet as she wants some Lego wall art and and a karaoke machine ha ha.

So the bed is from SuperAmart that is a furniture company here in Australia and we bought these online before we arrived, so we didn’t have to go bed shopping as soon as we landed. I have seen the same kind of bed from IKEA.

The set of 3 chest draws are from IKEA. I chose these for both girls as 3 draws is all they need and the taller draws just scare me so much as I am sure you will have seen where kids have fallen from climbing on them.

The wardrobes are fitted with mirrored fronts and that for me is a life saver as I hate wardrobe shopping and who doesn’t love huge mirrors in their room (Apart from the the finger prints)

We then filled the room with novelty items. We was given some photos of Evelyn and her best friend so we bought her this photo frame from IKEA to put them in. The Alarm clock was given to Evelyn by her  nursery teacher back in the UK and the fairy door we had before we moved, we wanted to get Faith one for her to use for the tooth fairy but Evelyn wanted one too obviously lol.

The door signs was a Christmas gift from my very close friend who had these made especially for my girls. I could not wait to put these up in  the house.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

thank you
Rachel Xx


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