For The Love Of LEGO

Hi everyone I hope you are well? I wanted to talk to you about my daughters love for LEGO. I really can not believe how many sets of LEGO we have. We have many different sets but our favourite at the moment is the LEGO Friends Carnival set we now have every set in the collection except the really big one with the Rollercoaster.

We have two tubs full of LEGO as once she has finished building a set she takes it apart and puts it in the tub then later will try and make other things from it. At the moment she likes Robot Wars and  just general building, so she likes making mini robots and little creations out of Lego, She is really good at it and I love watching her.

What Lego means to my Daughter
Lego plays a bit part In my daughters life as it is a chance for her to sit and just get lost in her own little world. She can just sit for hours creating little models or making little sets for the Lego friends girls. Both of my girls have fun playing with Lego and will often set a little  Lego village up and use their toys and teddies to make it even more fun.

We have a play area on the landing upstairs and we have set all the girls toys out up there and this works well for us as we are hoping it will give the girls some independence and encourage them to play by themselves a bit.

Thank you for reading

All my love
Rachel Xx


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