How to: Get Beach Safe

Hello everyone I hope you are well? As most of you know we are from the Uk but currently living in Australia, so one thing we are really not used to is the Heat! The heat has been  really been hard on us and we have still not got used to it. Since we have been here I have been watching how other mums handle outings with young children and the picnic theme is definatly the way forward, everywhere you go you notice people having picnics in the park or on the beach and we really like that as one of the things we fell in love with when we moved here was outdoor living.

So we took a trip to BCF our local camping store  and bought all the essentials we needed to make a trip to the beach fun but safe!

  • Beach Tent: So this is actually called a beach tent and is designed to keep the sun and wind away from the little ones. This one is great because there is no assembly required, you simply just open it up and secure it in place. It also has a mess pocket inside which is just perfect for your loose bits and bobs.
  • Fold up Chairs: We bought these as some where to sit when we are out. We keep these in the car at all times as they come in really handy. We bought these really cute ones for the girls with the animal prints on and they sit in them all the time. All of the chairs  contain a cup holder (or a place to put your sea shells if your my girls)



  • Portable cooler box: The Australian heat is very dry and humid. Since we have arrived  we have not gone one day without taking our water bottles with us where ever we go, so a trip to the beach means we need somewhere to keep our drinks and snacks nice and cold. This cooler is on wheels with a suitcase handle attached so you can pull it around with you, this cooler has 4 cup holders on top and you can also use the lid as a seat.img_0387img_0330img_0331
  • Water bottles: Water bottles are a must like I said we never leave the house without them, its so important to keep hydrated. We bought the girls water bottles that have the freezer insert so they stay nice and cold and this is great for them when they are at school. img_0320
  • Rashers: These are just amazing, I cant speak enough about them. So these are just tops that you can just wear on its own with some swim pants or you can wear it over the top of your swimsuit. They protect against UV which is great for young skin. You can buy these anywhere in different styles and colours, we bought ours from a shop called Ozmosis.img_0188

Thank you for reading

Love Rachel Xx


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