Back To School: Smiggle Haul

Hello everyone I hope you are well? So school is a little different  here in Australia, as here you buy your child’s school supplies instead of them already been provided for you. My girls absolutely loved going around the shop and picking all their school supplies.

Now that the girls have all these books to carry around with them we thought we had best buy them a strong, durable bag and I was pleasantly surprised to find Smiggle here in Australia. We have previously bought Smiggle bags before in the past so I knew I could trust them again.


My eldest chose the rainbow leopard print bag (Which makes me so happy because I love this print) The bag comes with two zip pockets and a small  front leather pocket. In the shop the bag was stuffed with so much paper stuffing so you got a real good impression of what the bag actually holds.

My youngest is only in Kindy so her bag does need to be as big, although she still has quite a few supplies to take with her she only really needs a spare set of clothes in her bag. This little leather kitten one was just perfect for her. It has a magnetic closure and a toggle for easy access.

Lunch Boxes
As you can imagine Australia is Hot and I mean really Hot and since we have arrived we have noticed a lot of people tend to carry around cooler boxes or cooler bags with them. I have bought several lunch bags since we have arrived but knew they  just were not right, as my girls will be at school full days  there lunch will stay outside in the heat so a lunch box that can withstand that was needed. Whilst we was in Smiggle buying the girls their bags I saw these lunch bags and I knew that they were just right for my girls. So these lunch bags are thermal insulated which is great for weather change, These lunch bags come with a zip pocket at the top for your smaller items like tubs of fruit or many a juice carton. Then there is the main compartment That is plenty big enough to fit a lunch box and snacks in.

I just wanted to quickly mention these two free gifts we received for earning points on our points card, we was given the choice of five items to choose from.  They chose the peel and stick jewellery and the bubble machine, which they have had lots of fun playing.

Thanks for reading

Rachel Xx


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