Our New Life In Australia

Hello, I am writing my first blog post to you, all the way from Australia. OMG I can not believe we are here, I have gone through possibly every single emotion since we landed.So a lot has happened over the past week so I would like to share with you my first few days in Australia and how we are settling in.

We landed in  Perth Australia at 4am on Friday 20th January. The moment we landed I had a sudden rush of emotion and I just could not stop crying , I just wanted to get straight back on the plane and come home . I rang my mum up as soon as we arrived st the hotel and she was so surportive she told me to go to bed and see how I feel in the morning, and when I woke up the next day I did actually feel better. I walked out on to the balcony of our hotel and just looked at the beautiful city in front of me and with the sun on my skin I felt very settled.

Visiting Our New Home
When we woke up mid Friday morning we went and picked up the keys to our new house, I was so excited as I had looked at our house online nearly every day for the past 3-4 months.   When we drove down the street I saw our house and I fell in love, it was so much bigger than when I had looked at it online and that stands for all the rooms in the house too. The girls was so overwhelmed when we walked in as we was sharing this brand new experience together . My home is a beautiful 5 bedroom detached house in the most quietest little neighbourhood. My husband did really well at picking this house for us , as not only is it beautiful but its close to everything we need.

Settling in
I am so proud of my girls and how they have settled in , We have had some tears a long the way as my girls do miss family and friends but they have amazed me at how comfortable they feel in a new country with new surroundings and how they have settled in our new home. My girls are now ready to start back at school as they miss being in a routine and having structure. We are yet to look round their new school as it is still the holidays here but we have drove past it so they know what it looks like at least.



Thank you

Rachel Xx


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