Our Last Week In The UK

So here we are our last week in the UK, It has been great to see our families all coming together as one.
I feel like it is becoming very real now. So far all I have felt is pure excitement and happiness and I have not once actually stopped and thought about the reality and seriousness about it until now.

Saturday night we was thrown a leaving party and it was just so great to see all of our families together enjoying them self’s and having fun. It was so nice to just go around and sit with members of the family and have quality time with them.
My girls had their best friends at the party and it was great to see them dancing sand singing karaoke. Then at the end of the night it finally hit me, I saw my daughter say goodbye to her best friend and I was completely numb with pain as I watched them crying in each others arms. They had gone from having a really good time to utter heart break. My eldest daughter is very head strung and a very confident little lady and I know she will get over this pain that she is feeling because when she is in Australia she will realise how easy it is to stay in touch with her friends through Modern Technology.


My youngest daughter is still very unaware of what is really going on, I think she secretly thinks it a holiday and hasn’t quite grasped the goodbyes. She is very happy about going to Australia and she keeps trying to reassure my eldest that everything is going to be fine and all she talks about is her new school.

I as a parent feel very guilty about taking my girls away from their friends and taking them away from their daily routine, But that’s the point they shouldn’t have a daily routine they are young and I want them to experience the world and new cultures. You would not believe how many people I hear say “oh I wish I could of gone to Australia but I’m too old now” We have being given a once in a life time opportunity and we would be silly to pass it by. My husband makes me so proud and I feel so lucky to be his wife and I know he wouldn’t move us to the other side of the world if I didn’t think it was going to be good for us.

I feel like we are all packed and ready to leave now. We have managed to put our life’s in to 7 suitcases and 2 boxes which sounds crazy but we do have our other belongings waiting for us already out there.

I really don’t feel like this a final good bye its just feels like we are about to start one heck of an amazing journey together as a family.


All my love

Rachel Xx


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