Travelling Advice: Travel with Young children

Hello everyone. After recently completing two long haul flights and with another one right around the corner, I thought would share my tips and travel advice with you. I have listed my most helpful tips below. Please enjoy.

Trunki Travel car seat
This was an absolute life saver. We used these as  backpacks/car seats. We filled the back pack part with colouring books, sticker books, colouring pencils and a spare set of clothes. I have just uploaded a full review on this BoostAPak.

Keeping the Children entertained
So Children get bored easily and especially on an extremely long flight, I knew mine would feel it. I buy colouring  and activity books to keep my girls entertained, I would normally get my eldest something a little bit more grown up or challenging as I know it will keep her busy for a while, but for my youngest I tend to get her reading books or small colouring books as her attention span is not the same as my eldest.

I  did some research for our first flight as when I was thinking about colouring I kept thinking about broken pencils or broken led and not having a pencil sharper or somewhere to sharpen them, so I looked into it and found these Crayola Twistables they are great as no sharpening is required. These are now the only type of crayons we use at home as they are so easy to use and great for little fingers.

So i  recently bought  for our upcoming flight these small opening pencil cases that are great for travel as they only open at one end, leaving just a small opening which means no chasing pens and pencils down the aeroplane isle.


Make use of the free entertainment. I was quite surprised when I came across  Cbeebies on the aeroplane, As we are big fans of their channel and I feel both girls had a good varity of tv to choose from. There is also some little games on the TV but I feel maybe older children would have found them easier to play than what my girls did.  I think we all benefited really well from the TV as their was plenty for us to watch.

IPads are another great source of entertainment. I uploaded a whole bunch of games on to their iPads on the morning of the flight,  so when we was in the air and they was ready to stop colouring they had all these brand new games to play.

Tip- Take your own Headphones for the children as the free ones provided are great but not the most comfiest for kids. All you need to do is make sure you take a headphone jack with you.

I was really impressed with the food on the aeroplane for the children. They was presented with a tray that contained a main meal, some crackers, a bread roll  and a biscuit. My girls are really fussy eaters so I like to take all my girls favourites with me,  so we take a lot of biscuits, crisps, crackers and sweets with us. If you want to take drinks with you it’s best to buy these once you are through security.

In the Air
As we all know with long haul it means you might as well get comfy as you are going to be up their a while. We like to sit as a family on a row of 4 and we sit with the girls in the middle of us, I find this easier as I can help them out and it saves them getting bashed with the trolley. So I try to keep the girls awake for as long as I can by entertaining them, I find by keeping them awake for a while they will then have a big sleep, then hopefully it wont be long until landing.(hopefully!)

I pack comfy grip socks for my girls and once we are in the air and the seat belt sign is off I put them on so they can get comfy. I use these grip socks that we just picked up from Tramp2lean as they are quite thick and have good grip.


On our last flight we bought junior neck pillows , the ones that are so comfy at home but so uncomfortable on a long flight, so we was bought these super comfy bean bag pillows and these are just amazing, they just mould to you perfectly and I am super excited to try them out on our flight to Australia.


Tip- Walk up and down the isles a few times with your children, its nice to get up and have a little walk about and it helps with blood flow.

Most importantly have fun and take it all in your stride, as the more relaxed you are the easier your flight will be.

I would love to hear your tips for flying with children.

All my love
Rachel Xx



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