Review: Trunki boostApak

Hi everyone. I have been thinking about our flight recently and with two young children it definitely takes some preparing. We have already done a long haul flight last year and in a weeks time we will be doing the exact same flight again. So I really want to share wth you my flight tips and advice, but first I have to share this life saver with you.

On our first flight we was panicking about car seats for the girls, would we have to hire a seat? take a car seat on the plane with us? Well we did some research and we came across the Trunki BOOSTAPAK and its the best item we have ever come across since having kids.

The car seat is really easy to operate it has all the instructions on the inside of the seat. You simply pull out the side handles to keep you secure and in place and then thread the seat belt through the seat belt holder so it is safe and not rubbing. I really like the design of the car seat it’s so practical and well thought out , it also comes in green as well. The car seat also has a name tag that is in the top corner of the ear, I find this helpful as I have two and my girls like to know which is theirs. The seat also comes in handy when you have guests and need an extra car seat.

The car seat also turns in to and backpack to store essentials while travelling. Located at the back of the seat there is a zip going all the way around and inside it there is a large space for larger items such as spare clothes, a pencil case or snacks. There is also two mesh pockets that are just perfect for keeping colouring books safe and In place.We use these as back packs on the plane, My eldest was able to carry hers on her back with no discomfort what so ever and my husband wore it on his back for my youngest.

Overall we are really Happy with our purchase of the Trunki BoostAPak and it is a product I can see us using time and time again for all our travelling needs.


Thank you

Rachel Xx


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