The Little One Tag

I have been nominated by Jan’s Family Notebook to answer some questions about life as a toddler. Thank you for the nomination Jan.
What’s the best thing about begin 3 years old?
I get all the attention as I am the youngest. My sister doesn’t like it but I’m ok with it.
Favourite Toy?
Peppa pig castle. I have lots of Peppa Pig figures and I spend my afternoons after nursery sat on the floor playing with them.
Favourite thing to do?
Playing with my peppa pig castle. I ask Mummy to play everything with me. In fact I sometimes forget I have a Sister and daddy to play with too.
Favourite Outfit?
Any dress. I love dresses!!
Favourite TV programme?
Peppa pig and Paw Patrol. I watch them all the time on my tablet while I am eating.
Favourite Book?
All Afloat On Noah’s Boat. I like my Mummy and Daddy to read it to me every night.
Favourite Food?
Crumpets and toast I would eat it for every meal if I could.
Favourite Song?
Shake it off by Taylor Swift as I love to shake!
What makes you laugh?
My sister. she is so funny especially at bed time when she gives me the giggles and I cant sleep!
Who do you love and why?
My whole family as they are so kind to me and look after me. My sister makes me laugh and Mummy and Daddy play lots of games with me.
I would like nominate:
Please visit The secret life of the baby to see their post and rules. I look forward to seeing your posts.
Rachel Xx

One thought on “The Little One Tag

  1. What a lovely post! You’re clearly a fan of Peppa, as am I. In fact, I’m rocking a Peppa t-shirt today. Your big sis sounds lovely – how sweet that she makes you laugh. Crumpets are yummy – though Father also steals mine. Thanks for joining in the #littleonetag x


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