Lifestyle: A day in the life of Me!

Hello everyone I hope you are well? So I thought I would share a quick post with you today about a typical day in the life of me.

So at the moment I have a bit of a weekly routine which consists of Mon,Tues and Friday I stay at home and do house hold jobs. Yawn! Then Wednesday and Thursday I spent the morning with my mum before she goes to work. Today I thought I would show you an in sight in to my Wednesday, now my Wednesday doesn’t always look like this but this is what I did this particular week.

So the day starts by waking up at 7am and we come downstairs ands have breakfast and chill a bit before going to get dressed at 8am . Then I drop both girls off at school at 9.50am.

So today I went to Costa and I decided to try the new Lindt hot chocolate and omg it was lush. We normally nip to our local costa on a Wednesday and now my lovely friend even joins us its becoming a bit of a tradition.img_1125Then my least favourite thing of the week is the mid week food shop. So we do our main food shop on a Sunday as I like to have all fresh food for the week and with my daughter taking pack lunch to school I like to have all the food nice and fresh. Then mid week usually Wednesday or Thursday I like to get some fresh bread and milk in and get some extra bits to tie us over for the week. This week however my extra splurges was some wellies and a scarf and glove set after it decided to snow here in Yorkshire!

img_1127I then went to pick up my youngest from nursery at 11.45am and we just went straight to my mum and dads house for lunch.Then in the afternoon my lovely friend and her girls came for a bit of a catch up which is lovely as she is a family friend so we met at my mums house for a few hours to let the girls play. I then realised that my girls really needed some wellies so I nipped backed to the Asda and bought them a pair of wellies each and it hasn’t snowed since. So the girls was disappointed, but they got some use out of them over the weekend when we went for a nice walk.

 Then I normally cook tea for when my hubby gets home for around 5.30pm.This week I made potato skins. I make them with cheese and bacon bits and serve with a side salad.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I get up to through the day, its never anything overly exciting but its enough to get me out and about and keep me busy.

Rachel XX


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