Lifestyle: Australia Update

Hello everyone I hope you are well. So in todays blog I thought I would update you on what has been happening with our move to Australia. So two major things has happened since my last blog post about moving and that is we now have a house and we have shipped our furniture.

So lets start with the house. The house is amazing we are renting a beautiful 5 bedroom new build. Now renting a house is a lot harder than we first thought. So here is our version of the process.

So the first thing we did was narrow it down to 3 areas in which we would like to live and we mainly used this website and looked for houses in the areas we liked with the price bracket we was looking for. Now for the hard part. So we found out that most of the estate agencies require you to view the property in person before you can apply for it which when you live in the UK can be quite hard luckily we have friends out there that viewed the house for us. Fortunately for me my husband went out to Australia recently on business so he was able to view the house in person which was nice as he knows what I like and he has assured me that is exactly like the pictures.

Saying goodbye to our furniture. So towards the back end of Octobber we said goodbye to some of our possession’s which at the time I did not feel like it was a big deal and it still probably isn’t but it seems so strange that we are now eating off of our garden furniture and having to buy all new winter clothes as ours are now on a shipping container lol. However I can not speak highly enough about Crown Relocations who helped us with our move. So on the morning we was greeted by 3 men who was all so nice and friendly and they came in and basically did all the packing for us. They was kind and respectful of our belongings and really treat them with such care.

So now we feel pretty much ready to leave we just need a date. But my husband has been amazing I never knew there was so much involved in moving to another country.

I shall speak to you soon with another update of where we are in a few months time as we are spending Christmas at home with family before we leave.

Rachel xx




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