My Week In Pictures: October Half Term

Hello Everyone and welcome back. Are you all ready for Halloween? We are slowly getting into the swing of Halloween here. So this half term week has been great it has been so nice to just chill with my girls and spend some quality time together. Unfortunately on Thursday my littlest one was playing with a ball in the house and broke her little finger ūüė¶ but all is well she is in high spirits and not letting it bother her. Below I thought I would show you what we got up to in the holidays with a week in pictures. Enjoy!

Monday-I decided on Monday that I wanted us to have a fairly relaxing day because if you do lots of days out and activities at the begigning of the week by the end there is nothing left to do. So after a rather lazy morning at home playing we then went with grandma to take the dogs for a walk which is always nice to get some fresh air. Then mid afternoon we went bowling which was lovely and my eldest Faith was so happy because she won and its been a while since she won lol.

Tuesday- So Tuesday we had a bit of a crafty day which is always fun, I love seeing all the creations the girls come up with. So then we nipped to our local Home Bargains and let the girls get a small toy and they both picked up a Dora The Explorer doll and café set.

Wednesday- Wednesday we just had a nice relaxing day we nipped to Asda and did a bit of a food shop then we went to visit some family. The girls have been obsessed with dressing up recently and playing princesses with old dresses and dress up costumes. We have also had a bit of fun with the Snap Chat filters he he.

Thursday- So Thursday was a good/bad day. Thursday morning we started out with a lovely day trip with friends to the Rainbow Factory which is like story tale play centre so there are stage productions of fairy tale stories and a craft area it was really good. Then in the evening before bath time we was playing in the house with a football and unfortunately Evelyn caught the ball and we have no idea how but it broke her little finger in two places. So me and my husband was sat in A&E all night feeling guilty as hell. However she has not let it bother her at all and is happy playing despite the full arm cast they put on her.

Friday- So today we have just been having a relaxing day since we didn’t get back from hospital till 10.59pm last night. So most of the day has been spent playing games and popping to grandmas house so that we get a bit of fresh air.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today and I hope you have a  good Halloween.

Have a great weekend

Rachel Xx


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