How To: Pack For A Day Out

Hello everyone I hope you are well? I have been thinking how on a weekend we always seem to be off with the family somewhere doing something and although we don’t always go far we do tend to stay out for the day. whenever we go out I like to carry a bag with me containing all the essentials I am likely to need while we are out. Below I have shared pictures of all the items I take with me.

This bag is fantastic and only £9.99 from Primark. I bought this as a beach bag for our holiday but since then it has become a great weekend/day out bag. inside it has two open pockets and zip pocket and so much space to fit everything in.

So first on my list has got to be spare clothes. Now my girls are defiantly at an age where they don’t have toilet accidents but they still knock drinks over and make a mess so I always carry a spare set with me  which includes: Leggings, T-shirt, a cardigan, socks and a pair of knickers.img_0418

Just because the UK weather is so unpredictable I always carry two plain baseball hats with me and sun cream because one minute its raining the next its red hot. So I find its just better to have them and not need them than not to have them and need them. img_0410I  always like to carry a towel with me as it comes in useful for all kinds of situations like the near by sand pit or as a blanket to sit on. The towel is a must have lol.img_0414Whenever we go out I don’t mind buying drinks for the girls but its never granunteed that there is going to be a café or somewhere to get a drink so I always fill these bottles up that I picked up from Asda.I have a twisty top for Evelyn and a normal drinking bottle for Faith. So I normally fill them with juice and pop them in a zip bag to prevent a wet bag. img_0412

The next thing  I always have with me is 3 pairs of socks for them and me as normally where ever you go there is a play gym or some kind of activity where socks are required. But its just nice to have a spare pair. img_0415

And last of all I always carry this miniature hand sanitizer with me as it comes in handy when your child strokes the local stray cat lol or when your child goes to the toilet and there is no soap! I also carry this little Mineral Magic powder with me as on a day out after a few hours you find your makeup tends to wear so I always like to top it up with this powder its great stuff

Again thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

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Rachel Xx



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