Fashion: This weeks fashion find

Hello everyone.

This is just a quick post to show you this weeks fashion finds. So this beautiful dress  is what I found in the George Asda sale. I love there clothing sales as I never walk away empty handed. When I go to the sales I never look for me (the joy of begin a mum I guess ) I always head straight to the kids section. So today as soon as I walked in right there in the door way was this gorgeous, pretty, vintage looking dress and I immediately picked it up. Unfortunately they only had it in my eldest daughters size not my youngest but it has been reduced down from £12 to just £3! That’s right just £3! This dress would be  perfect as a party dress or just as a Sunday best outfit as it oozes cuteness with the pretty, colourful floral pattern and sparkly pink belt. Stunner! xx

Just to quickly add I picked up these little summer skirts to take to Australia with us that I just wanted to show you. These skirts was just £4 for a 2 pack so I got the orange and stars set for Faith and the blue speckle and striped set for Evelyn. So cute x

Thank you taking the time to read my blog today. Below I have put some links to my social media. Please feel free to check it out and send me some love.

Rachel Xx



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