For the love of Instagram

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a good week.

So I just wanted to write a quick post regarding my new approach to social media. This week I have spent some time looking at blogs and social media content and I have fallen in love with Flat lay images. I then decided that I  wanted to try styling my photos and making them more interesting instead of just posting random pictures (which at times there will be). Today I would like to introduce you to this lovely lady Carissa Smart (designbyaikonik) on Instagram she takes absolutely amazing pictures for both her Instagram and blog Carissa is a photographer/graphic designer and this really comes across in her images. I have a small collection of her work below and I would love for you to check her out on Instagram to see more inspiring images.

I just wanted to quickly show you some of my newly added pictures to Instagram and I will be doing a follow up post on this to show you the steps I take to create my images.

I have really been enjoying taking the time to make sure I take a good quality photo and I hope you have all enjoying looking at them.

Thank you everyone I shall see you in the next post.

Rachel X



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