Lunch Box Ideas: Non Sandwich Lovers

Hello everyone I hope you are well.

So today I am going to jump right in and talk about school lunch box ideas for fussy eaters. My girls have always been  fussy eaters and I hate it I even wake up in the night worrying about it but I’m hoping its just a phase. Now this funny phase can be a real pain when it comes to meal times never mind the school lunch box so I thought I would share with you some of the ways I deal with the non sandwich lovers.

Here is the types of foods I put in their lunches. Sausage rolls, crackers, biscuits and yoghurts

Ok so one thing that I have learnt is don’t force food on them I have tried forcing sandwiches and fruit on them and you can guarantee we come home to a hungry child and an untouched lunch box.

Second of all I never put fruit or veg in their lunch boxes as again I know they will not eat it or Faith will put it in the bin at school. I personally prefer to give them fruit and veg at home either before or after school where I can personally monitor it.

I personally find that as long as I give them food I know they are going to eat I know that they are not going hungry at school and hopefully they will grow out of it as most children do.

I would love to hear from you guys on how you deal with fussy eaters and any other hints and tips that other mums might find helpful. Please leave in the comments below.


Thanks for reading

Rachel X


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