My week in pictures: Family Time

Hello everyone welcome back. I hope you have had a great week. So this week I have been spending some quality time with my family as hubby has been working away and me and the girls have really enjoyed the quality time we them. So over the weekend we had some girly time just us girls followed by a full family day out on Sunday so I thought I would share some of my favourite pics from over the weekend and this week. Please enjoy.

Saturday- Saturday was all about us girls so it was my mum, my sister, me and the tiny ones and we decided to go to a trampoline play centre (Tramp2lean) and the kids love this place, you pay for an hour but they never make an hour as they get too tiered. We then took the girls to a really child friendly beer garden to let them have a little play followed by some lovely Chinese food.

Sunday- Sunday we went to a lovely place called Lotherton Hall and its a lovely place with a grand house and grounds to walk around. We arrived around lunch time and went straight to the café for something to eat unfortunately the food was pretty poor luckily the place its self made up for it. We then went on to visit the newly fitted play ground they had an actual playground then a woodland one so more climbing frames. After playing at the park for a bit we decided to take a walk around the grounds where we find some giant sized board games for the kids (which I think adults love just as much as kids). We then finished off by having a walk around the bird garden but my battery died so no pics 😦

The rest of the week- So for the rest of the week has been spent either at my parents house having tea and my sister coming around to help me out with the kids. Also I have been working on my blog more this week and trying to take better pictures for my IG account. I hope you like my favourite pics from this week


Have a great weekend everyone

Rachel X




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