Kids Games: Orchard Toys

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk all about Orchard Toys.

So we was introduced to Orchard Toys a long time ago now whilst out visiting and it was the Shopping list game that Faith was first introduced to at around age 3-4 and since then our collection has just grown with now both girls enjoying the games.

So at the moment the favourite one in the house happens to be Tell the time and its great for both girls because Faith can learn the time whilst playing and Evelyn can match the pictures. Orchard Toys mainly seem to design games that are educational in some way or another and word games have been great for my girls helping them understand letters and spelling words out with picture images to help.img_9241-1Over the years we have found that these make great Christmas and birthday presents for the girls and even as a gift for there friends birthday parties. You will find that every game has an age group wrote on the front the box so you can make sure you get the right game for your child age.

I really like Orchard Toys website it is very bright and colourful and it lists all of the other products they sell as well.

I hope you get to check out some of their great products

love Rachel X






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