Big Decisions

Hello everyone.

So my blog is going to be different today as I have some huge news for you all. My husband has been asked by the company he works for to go d set up an office in  Australia that’s right AUSTRALIA!! We have known for sometime now but I am still a bag of emotions over it but I’m really excited!

How it all happened.

So at the back end of May this year we went for a “look at life” . Now at first I refused to go as Australia has just never really appealed to me  but I looked at it as a holiday for the kids which can you believe there first time on a plane was to Australia. I  agreed to go but I knew that in my mind I was going to come back and say no I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to go then OMG I fell in love with the place its just like to UK but hotter. I immediately felt settled there and my girls never stopped smiling. So we was out there for 12 days and while we was out there we drove through some of the suburbs and went to look around the local schools and supermarkets. Its strange because as soon as we arrived me and my husband both said that we instantly felt calm and relaxed which is just what we need.

IMG_6237So what now

So now we have sat down and talked about it in depth we have decided to just go for it I mean what an opportunity to be given! We are now just in the process of filling out all the paperwork and looking for property and then by Christmas we could be gone.

I shall be keeping you all up to date with the process and will be writing lots more blog post about the processes we have gone through and then when we are out there I will be sharing my experience’s and day to day life with you.

I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Rachel x



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