My week in pictures (daddy is at home)

Hello again. I hope you have had a lovely week. So i have found it really hard this week to write blog posts even harder with the hubby  at home as we have been more active but we have had a great week and we love spending time with him. So have fun looking at what we got up to this week.

Monday- So Monday we went and did a bit of food shopping and I bought some activity packs to write a post on activity packs that keep the kids entertained in the holidays but the cheeky monkeys opened up before I even got chance to snap a decent picture of them so I will be doing that again soon when they are not with me of course lol.


Tuesday- Tuesday was park and picnic day and can you believe my girls are 3 and 6 and we have never been on a picnic lol so we went a little over the top with food. We met the girls cousins there and it turned out to be a good morning and then in the afternoon Faiths friend came round for a few hours.

Wednesday- So on Wednesday we went swimming to Calypso Cove in Barnsley which is a fantastic place for swimming it has all the slides and wave machines I highly recommend it. In the afternoon we nipped to our local farm shop where we met these cute fellas. I have a little video of them on my insta stories.

Thursday- On Thursday the hubby had to nip into work so since my mum and dad had the girls for the day I decided to tag along and meet his work colleagues then as soon as the girls got back it was to the park again. Faith is learning to ride without stabilizers so there is a lot of running involved.


Friday- Today was filled with ice cream building dens and imaginary play. We decided to have more of a chill day today after such a busy hectic week so we had a little toddle around Ikea and then Mc Donald’s then just chill oh and of course the park again.


Thanks for reading . See you all next week.

Rachel xx


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