My week in pictures (Feeling the Love)

Hello everyone and welcome back. So lets just say that this week has been totally different to last week,this week has definatly been more full on. But one thing I have noticed this week that has been consistent throughout the week is LOVE. The look of love on my kids faces when they smile in photos, the way they look at each other with love and friendship goals when their friends come to visit. So lets have a look at all the love that’s been dished out this week! enjoy 🙂


Monday- So Monday we went to Hollywood Bowl and we had so much fun. We go bowling quite a lot on a weekend or if the hubby has time off work so we have developed quite a fitting routine but this time we went with my mum and dad and they did everything different lol and it really annoyed me! lol. We ended up having some food after our game and we ordered a kids burger and chips.We only ever order one as Faith my eldest loves burgers not chips and my youngest Evelyn only likes chips lol so win win.

Tuesday- Well Tuesday was a little bit more laid back as we had a lazy morning at home then after lunch we picked up Faiths friend Emma and she had made faith this lovely little letter inside of this lovely decorated envelope that basically said how much she loved Faith and how much she was going to have at our house. Unfortunately Evelyn only been 3 was not allowed to play big girl games lol so we baked some little cupcakes.



Wednesday- Well Wednesday was fantastic we had so much fun we did a little food shopping in the morning and then we went to see Finding Dory and it was brilliant. We was so excited to see this movie and had waited a long time to see it as we watch The Ellen show on a morning and of course it has been out in America since 11th June I believe. We decided to have a bit of a girls day  see it with my mum so it was a really nice day.




Thursday- On Thursday we went to a lovely little play gym in Yeadon called Emsly Farm. Now this place was really nice except it was full of childminders now I don’t have a problem with childminders but I hate those who have no passion to be a childminder and pay no attention to the kids. Unforuntunatly the whole place unnerved me and we ended up leaving after 10 mins but the girls was still happy.



Friday (Today)- So today has been all about friends after we spent the morning playing hide and seek and me loosing Evelyn for 5 minutes to find her in the wash basket of all places lol. Then Evelyn had a play date at her friends house so we spent most of the afternoon there and my mum took Faith to an adventure playground. We now plan on ending the day with a big juicy pizza. 🙂 yum yum!!


Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see you all in my next post.

Rachel xx


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